Markt Kabaal - Samba Roots

Markt Kabaal - Samba Roots
23-09-2023, vanaf 19:00 uur
24-09-2023, tot 03:00 uur

Join us for an extraordinary evening at Markt Kabaal, where Samba takes center stage, with the captivating Roda da Samba as our enchanting guide. We're diving into a world where the essence of Samba de Raiz meets the irresistible beats of Baile Funk, the smooth grooves of Hip-Hop, and the sultry tones of R&B. At Markt Centraal, we'll groove to the timeless rhythms of Samba de Raiz, with Samba Roots as our captivating storyteller.

It's a fusion of music and culture that promises an unforgettable experience, celebrating the rich tapestry of Brazilian sounds and beyond. But that's not all! Our very own Kantine West restaurant will be open, serving up delicious Brazilian fish and vegetarian stews for your dining pleasure. And later in the evening, Jungle Brazil will be on hand to provide mouthwatering snacks.

Samba Roots is back to spread the joy of "Roda de Samba" at Markt Centraal. In their unique setup, they create an unforgettable interaction between the audience and the band. No matter where you're from, Samba Roots Amsterdam ensures their Samba touches you, makes you dance, and sing along!

Ley is a true R&B baby who seems almost born on the turntable. As a DJ for Sor & Black Acid, he's already logged many hours on stage, both in and outside Amsterdam as an R&B/Hip-Hop DJ. With sounds that can best be described as "smooth, warm, and cozy," he always keeps the crowd in the right mood for a great night. Prepare for a night with the perfect vibe.

From 7:00 PM onwards, our restaurant Kantine West will be serving delicious Brazilian fish and vegetarian stews. And later in the evening, Jungle Brazil will be on hand to provide mouthwatering snacks

De Centrale Markthal is only accessible via our train, the Markt Centraal Express. It departs from 7:00 PM at the main entrance of the Food Center Amsterdam at Jan van Galenstraat 6 and circles around all evening. The first act starts at 9:00 PM, so be sure to arrive on time!

Secure your tickets quickly because with a party like this, they won't last long.

De Centrale Markthal is wheelchair accessible, and there's also an accessible restroom in the hall. Unfortunately, the train is not wheelchair accessible. If you're attending with a wheelchair, please let us know in advance, and we'll arrange for your entry with the Food Center Amsterdam's security.

Cancellation with a refund of the paid amount is possible up to one week before the event, minus a €2 fee per person. Unfortunately, there will be no refunds for cancellations in the week leading up to the event.

Please note that we accept card payments only.

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